Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unity Day USA - 6th Annual Event

Invitation to 6th Annual

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Unity church of Dallas, 6525 Forest Lane
Dallas, TX 75230

We are pleased to invite you to the Unity Day USA; a purposeful event to bring Americans together. The idea for Unity Day USA was first conceived on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 and took its current form on Sunday, September 11, 2005. It is an initiative to come together to stand up for the safety, security and cohesiveness of America.

On this Unity Day, we the people of the United States of America of every faith, race, ethnicity, culture and background will gather to express our commitment to co-existence, unity, prosperity and well being of our nation. (Scroll down for the list)

Our civic leaders including Mayors, Council members, State representatives, Senators, Congresspersons and other officials will honor us with their presence. Each Mayor at the event will give a one minute speech to share their thoughts about co-existence and promoting social cohesion in their respective cities. Additionally, our men and women in uniform including police and fire chiefs will be honored for their outstanding service to our nation.

Leaders from various faith communities will share a few words of wisdom from their respective scriptures, beliefs or oral traditions. Unity Day USA is about re-affirming our faith in the goodness in humanity, and the longing for harmony and co-existence. The traditions include but are not limited to Native American, Atheist, Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian, Earth-traditions, Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Jewish, Sikh, Wicca and Zoroastrians; thus it is an all inclusive event.

It is an experience to feel a sense of unity with fellow Americans that brings forth a feeling of coming home to where we drop all of our identities and to be united together as an American family.

As Americans we uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in our constitution. Our faiths reinforce the idea of one nation with liberty and justice for all.


1. Please mark your calendar for Sunday, September 12, 2010 between 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM, and send a confirmation of your intent to attend with your names to:

2. For details, including pictures from the last five years, please visit

3. If you wish your organization and place of worship to be listed as participating organization, please send the name and URL of your organizations to:, it will be listed on our website. We have had 90 organizations participate in our previous events.

A few selected
comments from the fist event.
Civic Leaders and
Mayors who attended
Organizations (
90) who have been a part of the event


2009, 2008

Thank you.

Mike Ghouse
(214) 325-1916

Who is attending?

The general public including you.

The people representing different faiths on the stage... and civic leadership
Are you in the group? If not, please join.

We are looking for confirmations, if you wish to represent the non-assigned group, please let us know and we are still waiting for confirmations ...


  1. Agnostics
  2. Ahmadiyya - confirmed
  3. Atheism - confirmed
  4. Bahai - confirmed
  5. Baptist
  6. Bohra - confirmed
  7. Buddhists - confirmed
  8. Catholic
  9. Choctaw - confirmed
  10. Christian - confirmed
  11. Church of God
  12. Confucius - confirmed
  13. Dao
  14. Earth Traditions - confirmed
  15. Episcopal
  16. Evangelicals - confirmed
  17. Greek Orthodox
  18. Hare Krishna - confirmed
  19. Hinduism - confirmed
  20. Hopi
  21. Ismaili - confirmed
  22. Jainism
  23. Jehovah's witness
  24. Judaism - confirmed
  25. Lutheran
  26. Maya
  27. Methodist - confirmed
  28. Mormon
  29. New Thought
  30. Oloriyo
  31. Pagan - Confirmed
  32. Presbyterian - confirmed
  33. Protestant - confirmed
  34. Scientology
  35. Shia
  36. Shinto
  37. Sikh
  38. Spiritualists - confirmed
  39. Sufi
  40. Sunni - confirmed
  41. Toltec
  42. Unification Church - confirmed
  43. Unity - confirmed
  44. Unitarian Universalists
  45. Urantia - confirmed
  46. Vendantic Hinduism - confirmed
  47. Warith Deen Muhammad - confirmed
  48. Wicca
  49. Zoroastrian - confirmed

No matter what sub-identity we prefix to it, we are all Americans. I request each one of you to be who you are, and be proud of it, it is what you believe and it works for you.

What does it take to build orderly societies?

What does it take for you, me and others to feel safe and live in peace?

We have to consciously create institutions and systems that will become a catalyst to a positive change and bring about cohesive functioning of the society. It is our duty to keep law and order and faithfully guard the safety of every citizen. As an individual, I cannot be safe if the people around me aren’t, it is in my interest to seek peace for all of us.

We have a monumental task to repair the World, and we will do our part in working towards a World of co-existence, one person at a time. We are committed, and now join us with the blessings of the all pervasive, omnicient energy that some call it cosmic energy, some don't believe in the existence of such a being and many call him God in so many ways...

Civic Leaders from several cities including Mayors, fire and police chiefs

Sunday, September 12, 2010 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

National Anthem
Pledge of Allegiance
Purpose of Unity day
Civic Leadership
Faith Leadership
Peace Pledge


Mr. Mansoor Shah
Mr. Farooq Hemani
Mr. Amir Ali Rupani
Dr. Basheer Ahmed

.... what about you?


  1. I'm really disappointed to that Catholic, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Mormon religions are not represented at this event.

  2. Its not too late... you could represent the denomination you belong to... thanks

  3. It is an honor, as always to be blessed with the opportunity to express our love and appreciation for Texas' diverse community.

    Thank you, Mike Ghouse, for continuing to offer all of us in North Texas the chance to stand for religious tolerance in this elegant tribute to unity and love of our nation of the United States of America!

    By demonstrating that we refuse to engage in the blind hatred/bigotry of burning Korans or Jihad, we are unifying our voices in defiance of those who sought to divide our great country on 9/11. We are standing up for freedom of religion for all.

    I encourage everyone to take the time to come out and remember the heroes and victims of that fateful day.