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IX Annual Unity Day Update

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Full length video and individual videos will be posted by Thanksgiving 2012

we are committed to build a cohesive America
Americans together building a Cohesive America.

We are gathered today for a singular purpose, to be together as Americans and rededicate our pledge to the peace, prosperity and security of our nation.

9th Annual Unity Day USA
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
11:30 AM -1:30 PM
Unity of Dallas,
6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230

Awards to Seven Individuals for building bridges &
Two outstanding communities for their service

We appreciate your participation along with our Marines,Mayors, Fire & Police Chiefs, Religious, Secular and civicleaders, Native Americans and people from different walks of life , races & traditions.

We appreciate the in-kind and financial support from Laura Sutherland of Unity of Dallas, John Hammond and Shabnam Modgil of FunAsia, Farooq  Hemani, Pastor George Mason, Dr. Basheer Ahmed, The Sikh Community, Shaukat Gaziani, Dr. Harbans Lal, Universal Peace Federation, Dr. Nauman Anwar, Len Ellis, Akram Syed, Pastor Bob Roberts and possibly you.

Please donate to defray the cost of the event at:


Please note that the award plaques confer the title of “Pluralist” to each one of the individual recipients we are recognizing today. Pluralist is some one who believes in living his own life and letting others live theirs.

Hon. Vivian Castleberry
by: Carol Crabtree Donavan; presented by: Bob Mong
Hon. Madan Goyal
by: Akram Syed; presented by: Mayor Stephen Terrell
Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker
by: Mike Ghouse; presented by: Fire Chief John Murphy

Imam Yaseen Shaikh
by: Mike Ghouse; presented by: Mayor pro tem Laura Maczka

Dr. Cheryl Gray Kimberling
by: Dr. Basheer Ahmed; presented by: Mayor Marco Mejia

Hon. William McKenzie
by:  Bob Mong; presented by: Mayor Bob Townsend
Hon. Peter Stewart, it’s a life time achievement
by: Rev. Bill Matthews; presented by:  Mayor Bill Glancy
Pluralism is not a religion, it is not a mish-mash of religions, it is not even an effort to bring religions together. It is simply respecting who you are, as you are created by same process (God) as every one else. It is an attitude of finding ways to co-exist with least conflicts.

Individuals who will donate over $100.00 will be listed on the website for their support at Those who contributed after this book is compiled will also be listed at the site.
You can mail the check to America Together Foundation at 2665 Villa Creek Dr, Suite 206, Dallas, TX 75234.  or donate at:


It is our duty to " honor and cherish individuals " who have dedicated their lives to building bridges among Americans. Their pioneering spirit in facilitating communities to know and to respect each other is appreciated by the people of Dallas/ Fort Worth.

On this day, we appreciate and celebrate their contributions towards building a cohesive America, where no one has to live in apprehension, discomfort or fear of the other.
This year we are appreciating seven individuals who have made a difference in our communities. They have gone beyond their own cocoon and reached out many others.  Over the years we have admired 22 such individuals who are listed in the following pages.

We have appreciated the Jewish Community for doing their work of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the world), Muslims for the extraordinary efforts after 9/11, the African Americans for bringing a major change to America; the passing of the civil rights act. Indeed, most of the Asian and African immigrants are here today because of Martin Luther King Jr’s work.  

This year’s community awards go to two distinct communities;
The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community 


“In recognition of your work in building a cohesive America, and pronouncing that we are all in this together by sharing your blood with fellow Americans. Your community's goal of donating 10,000 pints of blood last year, was achieved as you collected 11,800 pints of blood on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  This year you have a goal of 11,000 pints of blood to donate. The people of Dallas/Fort Worth greatly appreciate your effort in building bridges through the bond of blood.


The plaque reads, “In recognition of your work in reaffirming the right values when tragedy befalls the community, and indeed, your response to the Wisconsin Gurudwara massacre was exemplary and reflects the teachings of the Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and every one of the spiritual masters from Zarathustra, Confucius, Moses, Krishna, Mahavira, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Baha'u'llah, and other great spiritual masters. Your leadership in building a cohesive America is greatly appreciated by all.

Read by: Mike Ghouse; presented by: Mayor Bob Townsend
The Sikh Community of Dallas
(One Award– different communities)
by: Sardar Mike Ghouse

1. Gurdwara Akaljot Sahab – Serving One Spirit in One World
Recipient Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Brar
Presented by State Rep Stefani Carter

2. Gurdwara Sikh Temple of North Texas – Serving Humanity as One
Recipient Sardar Dyal Singh Sain
Presented by Allen Mayor Steven Terrell

3. Gurdwara Singh Sabha of North Texas
Recipient Sardar Harnam Singh
Presented by: Garland Fire Chief Raymond Knight

4. DFW SIKHS – Serving Inter-religious Engagement
Recipient Dr. Harbans Lal
Presented by Richardson Mayor Bob Townsend

5. Gurdwara Sikh Sangat
Recipient Neelam Kaur
Presented by Lancaster Mayor Pro tem Marco Mejia

6. UNITED SIKHS – “For Recognizing the Human Race as One & Ensuring that Human Dignity and Social Justice Prevail.”
Recipient Sardar Gurinder Singh
Presented by Carrollton Police Chief Rex Redden

Mike Ghouse 

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Update on VIII annual Unity Day USA

Thanks for participating in the VIII Annual Unity Day USA, we are blessed with your  presence and appreciate the work you do in building a cohesive America. If you could respond to the dated items below, I would appreciate it. 


  1. Two sets of Videos  will be uploaded by this weekend
  2. Some really good photographs will be uploaded, if you need a print, let me know
  3. Media coverage links will be uploaded
  4. A copy of brochure will be mailed ifyou have not receieved it
  5. We need is your feedback - in one, two or three paragraphs by 9/27/12, a week from now - send them to
  6. Please mark your calendar for 1/27/2013
  7. Please send your full profile to be uploaded on the site by 9/27/12 - applicable to all the awardees, introducers and presenters and past recipients - please send in text format and the email and attach a picture of your choice.


We are $1700 Short, some of the pledges did not make it and if 10 of you can contribute $100 each and 14 of you $50.00 each - we will meet our expenses. All the contributions will be listed on the website. You can pay at -

We appreciate the in-kind support from Laura Sutherland of Unity of Dallas, and John Hammond and Shabnam Modgil of FunAsia. And the financial support from Farooq  Hemani, Pastor George Mason, Dr. Basheer Ahmed, The Sikh Community, Shaukat Gaziani, Universal Peace Federation, Dr. Nauman Anwar, Len Ellis, Akram Syed, Pastor Bob Roberts, Suhail Kausar, Sikh Temple of North Texas and...
Once I have it all, I will put a comprehensive report for every one’s record.

Thank you.
Mike Ghouse
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

CBS News on Unity Day 09112012

Thanks for attending the Unity Day USA event, I will be updating the reports - Mike

9/11 Anniversary Response

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – On the 11th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks, some memorials were different this year.
Only 300 people gathered at the site of the World Trade Center in New York; politicians didn’t speak, either. And ceremonies at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania were more subdued as well.
At the 8th annual Unity Day USA service in Dallas, about 100 people gathered to celebrate one thing that united us that terrible day: that Americans of all faiths and backgrounds are still Americans.
America Together Founder, and Master of Ceremonies, Mike Ghouse explains the importance of tolerance. “9-11 is gone, Osama is dead and I’m glad he is gone. It brought us a relief to the world and that is the relief we need to celebrate that we—it’s time for us to heal.”
He is also lobbying for a federal law to honor the date “Where we can proclaim this as a national day where Americans can come together to celebrate unity and also rededicate our pledge for the safety and security of all nations.”
The Unity Day USA service honored the Sikh faith in the aftermath of massacre in Wisconsin this year; also honored, Ahmadiyya Muslims, who are donating 11,000 pints of blood as a September 11th remembrance.
Sam Madden, a Christian, explains why he brought his 13-year-old daughter, Mary. “The theme of Unity Day, of bringing different faiths together, and educating my daughter that we’re all God’s children,” according to Madden, who adds, “Jesus would have love for all mankind and I try to teach her that.” Daughter Mary is just 13 but has definite thoughts on 9-11. “Back then we used to be far away; now it seems closer since it happened.”
“Always, anniversaries are very difficult” said Peter Stewart of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation in Dallas, “because peoples’ memories are fastened on the moment.” He adds, “I think the memory needs to be kept fresh.”
At the newly-opened Veterans Resource Center in Oak Cliff, the flame of remembrance still burns very brightly for the men and women who served. “I think they’re very important because it keeps it on the mind of the people,” said Kennard Bowlen, a retired U.S Air Force veteran.
“We cry about it.” Adds Delbert Ford, who was among some 200 veterans and volunteers commemorating the day. His niece just missed being aboard one of those fateful flights. Also a Christian, he nonetheless believes vigilance is necessary. “I pray to our God in heaven that nothing like that ever happens again but I also hope that we’ll be strong and be able to stand up.” And to remember going forward, he says.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

8th Annual Unity Day (9/11 Memorial) USA


It is a purposeful event to bring people of different faiths, races, ethnicities and other uniqueness together to feel the oneness of our nation and to feel indivisible.

to be together as Americans
to express our gratitude to our Firemen, Police and Armed Forces
to honor seven individuals who have contributed to the well being of the DFW
to honor two communities for their work towards building a cohesive America
to emphasize and appreciate diversity represented by America.
to cherish the other American as American and nothing but American
to rededicate our pledge to the peace, prosperity and security of America

Please join us with your family and friends to be together as Americans. Your presence is a valuable expression of unity. Along with our elected officials, civic, religious and business leaders, you help fulfill our common values and aspirations. Your presence fortifies our commitment to a pluralistic America.

Event: 8th Annual Unity Day USA
Date: Tuesday, September 11, 2012
Time: 11:30 AM -1:30 PM
Where: Unity of Dallas,
Address: 6525 Forest Lane, Dallas, TX 75230

The Marine Guards will start off the ceremony followed by the Sikh Community Members singing our national Anthem followed by recognizing seven individuals who are making a difference in building a cohesive America. Two communities have been playing an exemplary role in sharing their work and action that brings Americans together. The civic leaders including state Representatives, Mayors, council persons, Fire and Police Chiefs will join us followed by 13 leaders representing Atheism to Zoroastrianism to share the wisdom or scriptures from their traditions. There will be light lunch in the Sikh Tradition.

Awards: Seven Individuals for building bridges in Dallas/Fort Worth communities
Communities: Two outstanding communities this year for their service
Organizations: Participating organizations are you in?
RSVP to: (there is no charge for the event)

We will gather as Americans and rededicate our pledge to the peace, prosperity and security of our nation.

As Americans, and as American Muslims, we uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in our constitution. All our faiths reinforce the creed of "One Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all”.

On this Unity Day USA, we, the people of the United States of America of every faith, race and ethnicity, will gather to express our commitment to co-existence, safety, prosperity and the well being of our nation.


8th Annual Unity Day USA
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
11:30 AM -1:30 PM

 Flag Ceremony by the Marine Guard
National Anthem & Pledge of Allegiance
Purpose of Unity Day
Thank Yous & Acknowledgements

 Individual & Community Awards

Trailer of the film Americans Together

Faith Leaders & Peace Pledge


Donate at

Thank you.
Mike Ghouse
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