Monday, August 17, 2009

Participating Organizations

An intiative of American Muslims and the Foundation for Pluralism;

The following organizations are participating in the 5th Annual Unity Day USA event.

Hosting/Sponsoring Organizations

  1. Center for Spiritual Living -
  2. Family Federation for World Peace -
  3. Universal Peace Federation -
  4. Memnosyne Foundation -
  5. Dallas Peace Center -
  6. Unity Church of Dallas -
  7. Institutue of Islamic Learning in Metroplex -
Participating Organizations

Please send the name and website address of your organization, we do request at least one representative of your organization attend the event. We have had participation from 90 organizations and we hope to get reconfirmation from each one of them in the next few weeks.

  1. Arlington Peace & Justice Center -
  2. Non-Violent Communication Center -
  3. Earth Rhythms -
  4. Moonlady News -
  5. The Lifeway Church
  6. The Church of Living God
  7. United Nations Association of Dallas
  8. United Nations Association of Texas
  9. Muslim Community Center for Human Services -
  10. American Clergy Association
  11. Ismaili Muslim Community of Dallas - &
  12. DFW Muslims - Face book group
  13. Helping Hands Inc -
  14. Sikh Study Circle DFW -
  15. Sikh Temple of North Texas -
  16. Academy of Guru Granth Studies
  17. The Global Peace Project -
  18. Awakening Heart Community of Mindful Living
  19. Equality March Texas - Facebook group
  20. List Your Non-Profit Organization - You can Post the name and website address of your organization in the comment section below - Thank you.
God Bless America
One Nation and One People with Liberty and Justice for all.

Mike Ghouse, Chair


  1. Participating organization:
    Awakening Heart Community of Mindful Living

  2. Participating organization:

    Equality March Texas - Facebook group

  3. Hi brother Mike,
    As secretary of the organization, can you please accept my request and add the Tunisian Community Center ( to the list of the participating organizations. Despite the jet lag, I will do my best to be with you for the unity day.


    Mabrouk Boudaga (469-855-7649 C.)